A Short History Of The City Of Dallas

Dallas, a large city in Texas, was first inhabited by Native Americans during the 1500s, but was considered to be owned by the Spanish. This area remained under Spanish control until the early 1800s, when Mexico took control of it. In 1836, it broke free from Mexico and became an independent country. In 1856, a town charter was granted to the city of Dallas, making it an official city. During this year it elected its first Mayor, Samuel Pryor.
Dallas went through a period called the Industrial Period; where it became a place for farming and ranching. By the late 1800s, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was in operations, as well as the Dallas Zoo and the Parkland Memorial Hospital. During the early 1900s, Dallas was the center of trade in the cotton industry and the 11th branch of the Federal Reserve Bank was built there.
During the 1930s, oil was struck causing Dallas Texas to be in the oil industry. Dallas continued to grow through various types of industries, including factories producing many types of goods. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 while riding through Dallas in his motorcade. Today, Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and has a population around 1.2 million.

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