Most Visited Attractions In Dallas, Texas

If you are planning a trip to Dallas, Texas, there are a few local attractions you will want to see. From the historical to the fun-filled, Dallas has attractions to interest people of all walks of life.
For history buffs, you will want to visit the Sixth Floor Museum in downtown Dallas. Located adjacent to Dealy Plaza, The Sixth Floor Museum is dedicated to preserving the history involving the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Stroll along the grassy knoll and entertain a few conspiracy theories as you relive history in downtown Dallas.
If thrill seeking is more your style, Six Flags Over Texas has rides and attractions for both children and adults. Six Flags Over Texas is home to the world’s tallest wooden rollercoaster, the Texas Giant. The park also has several rides for small children. With live shows daily, Six Flags Over Texas offers visitors a wide array of fun opportunities.
Seeing Dallas would not be complete without a trip to the State Fair of Texas. Eat a funnel cake the size of Texas as you enjoy a ride on the ferris wheel. While the fair is only open the month of October, it will provide memories that will last year round.

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