Oct 15
Best Museums To See In Dallas
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Dallas offers several places steeped in culture and history. There are two notable museums to see while in Dallas.

The Museum of Nature and Science, located in Fair Park, offers a wide range of activities and exhibits. Children can enjoy learning about dinosaurs, agriculture and physical science on a level they can understand. For adults, exhibits range from the human body to paleontology to understanding DNA. Regardless of your age or particular interests, The Museum of Nature and Science is worth visiting. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 12
A Short History Of The City Of Dallas
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Dallas, a large city in Texas, was first inhabited by Native Americans during the 1500s, but was considered to be owned by the Spanish. This area remained under Spanish control until the early 1800s, when Mexico took control of it. In 1836, it broke free from Mexico and became an independent country. In 1856, a town charter was granted to the city of Dallas, making it an official city. During this year it elected its first Mayor, Samuel Pryor.
Dallas went through a period called the Industrial Period; where it became a place for farming Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 9
Most Visited Attractions In Dallas, Texas
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If you are planning a trip to Dallas, Texas, there are a few local attractions you will want to see. From the historical to the fun-filled, Dallas has attractions to interest people of all walks of life.
For history buffs, you will want to visit the Sixth Floor Museum in downtown Dallas. Located adjacent to Dealy Plaza, The Sixth Floor Museum is dedicated to preserving the history involving the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Stroll along the grassy knoll and entertain a few conspiracy theories as Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 8
New To Texas? See What There Is To Do
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Known as the “live music capital of the world”, Austin is one of the most exciting places to visit in Texas. As well as the many talented live music acts that perform here along the famous Sixth Street, there are numerous other activities and attractions that make Austin such a great place to see. Escape the Texas heat by diving into the spring-fed waters at Barton Springs Pool, a family-friendly natural swimming pool that is open all year round. For something more Read the rest of this entry »